Starting 6/14 we will be launching the “Let’s Do This Challenge”. This can be done virtually or in person!

We aren’t looking for anyone and everyone. Just 10 dudes (Men) that need some sharpening. But not just any dudes, we are looking for the special demographic of men who want to drop 15lbs of body fat in a sustainable fashion before Summer. They must be coachable, open minded, and ready to change. We will be using body weight and kettlebells.

We will help you change your life, but we aren’t gonna spoon feed you either.

If you’re interested, then respond to this email with “LET’S DO THIS,” and we will follow up with you.

You can also send an email of your own to

*We may make an exception for women who really want to dedicate their time and efforts as well. If that’s you, message us and we’ll determine if it’s a good fit for you

Brent and Matt


06/14/2021 - 07/17/2021 - All Day