Tennsyon Village Hall & Police Department Contact Information

101 Bunker Hill St.

P.O. Box 172

Potosi, WI 53820

Village Hall Phone: (608)763-2912

Email: villageoftennyson@hotmail.com


Village Clerk-Treasurer: Lynn Yager

Director of Public Works: Ben Reynolds (414)510-5412

Water & Sewer (Connection or Disconnection):  Sue Rojemann

Building & Zoning Inspector: Mike Reuter (888)596-5387 or (608)348-3627

Property Assessor: Gardiner Appraisal Services (608)943-8009

Official Newspaper for the Village of Tennyson: Grant County Herald Independent, (608)723-7272, 208 W. Cherry St., Lancaster, WI 53813


Village of Tennyson Emergency Contact Information

Emergencies-Police/Fire/Rescue Squad: Call 911

Police Department/non-emergency: Deputy Cody Trumm  (608)763-2262 or (608)723-2157

Fire Department/non-emergency: Chief Ryne Emler (608)778-2393

Rescue Squad/non-emergency: Chief Tammy Gotzinger (661)510-9200
E-mail pugsalway@aol.com


Village of Tennyson Board Members as of April 2023

President:  Keith Jantzen
Trustee:  Larry Leibfried
Trustee:  Doug Pluemer
Trustee:  Craig Bierman
Trustee:  Ben Gavinski
Clerk/Treasurer: Lynn Yager

Monthly Board Meetings are held at the Tennyson Village Hall on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.


New Resident Information

Garbage & Recycling – Faherty Inc: (608)348-9586

Garbage and recycling collection is collection every Friday morning.  Please have both to the curb by 7:00 AM. If a holiday occurs during the week then the collection will be on Saturday for that week only.

Water & Sewer (Connection or Disconnection):  Lynne Jantzen (608)763-2312

Electric-Alliant Energy: (800)862-6222

Telephone-TDS: (888)CALL-TDS/(888)225-5837

Public Services

Potosi Branch Library:-103 North Main St., 763-2115

Post Office for Tennyson & Potosi: 101 East St., Potosi, WI  (608)763-2202 or (800)ASK-USPS (800-275-8777)

Polling Location:  Voting Center for Village of Tennyson-101 Bunker Hill Street, Potosi, WI

You may register to vote on or before Election Day at the Tennyson Village Hall or online at My Vote WI: myvote.wi.gov (online registration must be done prior to Election Day).  You may also request absentee ballots at myvote.wi.gov.